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Project Status

When meetings are over, the real work begins. Run projects with this set of templates.

Quickly start projects, develop important values ​​to share with stakeholders, and stay on top of risky activities to ensure your team can take initiatives wherever they are.

A project status report is a document that summarizes the overall progress of a project against the expected project plan.

A project progress report aims to inform all stakeholders about progress, mitigate problems before they arise, and ensure that the project is readily available timely.

A project progress status helps improve communication within the organization, as everyone is informed about the project’s progress. It also simplifies the communication process with a single formal report that everyone can consult to stay informed.

Additionally, a project status report improves organizational support for the project by maintaining close communication between team members to ensure that all goals and objectives are met.

Box-higher is a cloud-based platform that enables teams and organizations to plan, manage, and report projects, helping you progress faster and accomplish more.

The Best Management Tools.

We provide a variety of tools to ensure easy website management, which include…
• SSL Certification. Provides an added layer of security to your site. It’s also suitable for a professional online image.
• PHP Control Panel. An easy-to-use dashboard that eases website editing without affecting its responsiveness.
• Redirection Tools. Helps you automatically send search engines (and visitors) from one page to another. This tool is excellent for landing pages that lead to your shopping carts.
• Technical Monitoring Tools. Our tools let you monitor a variety of stats, including ping rates, uptime, notification systems for errors, all with easy-to-read reporting.

Smart & Accurate Analytics.

Our analytics tracking can be run at real-time. They’ll help you witness firsthand how your website operates at both peak and low traffic.

Our analytics are accurate and charted for a variety of timeframes.

They include the following metrics…
• CDNs (Content Delivery Network). You get to view a map of the worldwide servers that your content is delivered to. This helps you evaluate who your website is accessible to, and at what speeds.
• Visits. Probably one of the most important metrics. This graphs out how many people visit your site (or even specific pages) within a specific timeframe.
• User by Device. Our analytics will help you understand the devices used by visitors. This helps you plan define necessary it is for your website to optimize for mobile.

We deliver that information by connecting our platform to Google Analytics. We can then gather details on web performance, sending them back to your Box profile.

The Best Management Tools

Google Analytics Integration Control&Protect Your Domain with Cloudflare Management Tools

WordPress Install

Being one of the most advanced projects and task management tools for WordPress, Trello is loaded with fantastic features that make the project management experience of teammates a pleasurable journey. Productivity can be increased by creating, organizing, and assigning tasks with just a few clicks.

Its straightforward functionality allows the user to get things done faster than ever before.

Box-higher offers a functional task management plugin for WordPress; here are some of its feature:

Create different activities for different teams.

Establishment of administrative staff with access to all departments

Manage everything from the front of your site.

Set different permissions for different employee roles.