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BOXHiger as Your Technology Provider?






We help build your ideas / projects from top to bottom, including research, Strategy, Infostructure, Hosting, UX / UI, Agile Development & maintenance.

All tailor-made developments, progress, analytics, plugIns, IT and hosting are done through our easy to use Saas platform

Most competitive pricing. Check us out!

Extra Services as Team extension, From WordPress hosting to digital experience platform.

Our services use state-of-the-art hardware to keep your website functioning optimally, and at all times.

The Best
Management Tools.

SSL Certification

Provides an added layer of security to your site. great for both Online stores and regular websites.

Redirection Tools

Helps you automatically send search engines traffic (and visitors) from one page to another. This tool is excellent for landing pages that lead to your shopping carts.

PHP Control Panel

An easy-to-use dashboard that eases website editing without affecting its responsiveness.

Technical Monitoring Tools

Our tools let you monitor a variety of stats, including ping rates, uptime, notification systems for errors, all with easy-to-read reporting.

Unique Tasks Platform & Customer Service.

We understand that most businesses lack the IT savviness to handle complex web management.

Thus, we offer a dashboard and task platform that is user-friendly. And it works by combining a variety of plug-ins.

Additionally, we provide top tier customer support. We quickly respond to client needs, and without using clichéd or scripted replies.

Skilled and experienced technical support representatives. Plus, our customer support operates on a 24/7 basis!

Advanced Analytics Tools

Smart server website performance analytics tools that monitors your website traffic and adjust performance to supply the best experience for your website visitors. get important metrics in the admin panel about your website performance without implementing complicated third party tools.

CDNs (Content Delivery Network)

Visitor Behvior

User by Device, GEO & Referral.

Get The Best Hosting Solution For Your Website In The Best Price

They are designed to accommodate a variety of traffic goals (from just a few thousand, to millions per month).

$ 10

per month

– Bandwidth (25 GB)

– 2 GB Disc

– Free SSL & CDN

– PHP7 with APC & OPcache

– Install WordPress

– Cloudflare Protected Nameservers

– Daily Backup.



$ 30

per month

– Bandwidth (50 GB)

– 5 GB Disc

– Free SSL & CDN

– PHP7 with APC & OPcache

– 2 x more CPU and 4 RAM

– Access CPanel Manager

– Cloudflare Protected Nameservers



$ 89

per month

– 20 GB Disc


-1 Free Dedicated IP

-Free (D)DoS Protection

– 500 GB SSD

– Free SSL & CDN

– 4 x more CPU and RAM

– PHP7 with APC & OPcach



$ 99

per month

Full IT WordPress Support

– Virus Cleaning & Malware Removal

– 5 Hours With Our Team, Full PHP Support

– 2 Hours With Our  Design Team

– Master SEO Tools

– Improving Your Scores At Google Optimization



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If you are new to the web hosting world, you can start with a small package. And as your website grows, you can slowly scale up to match the amount of traffic you receive!

What is Web Hosting and How Does it Work?

Easy content creation

(especially graphically-intensive)

Better SEO

(to increase your rankings online).

Monitoring of web analytics

(to see how effective your online marketing is).

Adding in forms and channels for visitor interaction

(like a contact page, comments, etc.).

BEST Hosting Solutions For Small And Big Businesses

Managed Hosting





However, you sacrifice loading speed (and slightly destabilize uptimes) when going for a shared package.


Through managed hosting, you can contact us if any issues arise with your web development experience!


Managed hosting is an add-on to any hosting service you buy. It involves maintenance of your website by our team, and whenever you so desire.


An abbreviation for Virtual Private Servers. This includes servers that aren’t physical (they’re stored on software).


Unlike shared hosting, VPS provides you an independent server. This eliminates the cons of shared hosting, while giving you access to your website’s root files.


With VPS, you gain more control over your website. Also, it’s much more scalable and easier to backup!


WordPress is a content management system.


It helps you setup your website page and aesthetics. It also helps you setup different services on your site, through plug-ins and easy controls.


Box-higher is WordPress compatible, especially with WordPress being the most popular CMS online!


Similar to VPS, Cloud hosting involves creating a virtual server.


However, with cloud, you gain an instant backup for your site. So if the server goes down, other servers within the network can temporarily take over.


With cloud, you gain a combination of affordability and security.

Thinking About Transfering Your Website To Another Hosting Service?

we will happily assist and migrate your website to our servers free of charge! the process is quick and safe – and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

We’ll manage the entire process from start to finish, and migrations are free of charge!

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